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Archive for June, 2004

Much has happened

Well, as the title says, much has happened.

Mere days after my first post, our son was born. Since then, I’ve barely had time to think about anything other than feeding and sleeping… I have managed to fit in a little reading, now that feeding requires attention basically at the beginning and end only (makes a huge difference! See a lactation specialist if you even think there’s a problem!)

So I’ve been catching up on all sorts of things. The book for bookclub (‘Bridge of Birds’ by Barry Hughart), some books I’d been thinking of for next month’s bookclub (‘The Blue Sword’ by Robin McKinley… sadly one of the female character’s name is pronounced the same as our son, ‘Sister Light, Sister Dark’ by Jane Yolen—and then the other two in that series ‘White Jenna’ and ‘The One-Armed Queen’). I finally decided on ‘Mary Poppins’ by P. L. Travers, so I’ve now read that as well. Pad and I saw a documentary on Travers on the ABC just before Puggle was born, and it made me realise that I hadn’t read it. Given it’s position in our culture, that seemed an oversight, and it also seemed likely that many other EFOP folk were similarly lacking:-) This week I’ve also been rereading some of the Swallows and Amazons books by Arthur Ransome… I don’t think I actually read them as a child (although, possibly I did, George certainly had them on her shelf), but I first read them some years ago. They are books I love to go back to… when I was at our local library I noticed that they had a number of them on the new books shelf—it seems they’ve been reprinted, so it was obviously time to read through them again:-)

The other type of reading I’ve been doing has been homeschooling stuff. I’ve re-read and marked up the first chapters of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (L. M. Montgomery) for the copywork project attached to Ambleside Online. I (obviously) not currently using AO, but I like the concept. I will probably combine it (somehow) with ‘The Well-Trained Mind’ (Jessie Wise/Susan Wise Bauer)—my other recent reading. I signed up to select copywork from ‘Anne’, just before I got pregnant, as a way of contributing to the homeschooling community. I have spent much of the last couple of years lurking on a number of lists, gathering information, and I thought it was time I put something back. Going through ‘Anne’ like this has encouraged me to read it more closely than I have for a long time.

Well, that’s enough for today. Hopefully I will get around to filling in some of the blanks between these first two posts. I certainly want to add Puggle’s birth story. But, for now, I must go and talk to a crochety child.