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Archive for July, 2004

Let’s start somewhere…

Today I’m going to begin going through my homeschooling links.

These ones are not homeschooling specific… rather they’re sites I discovered that I thought could be useful in a few areas – including schooling (assuming they are still functioning when we get to the point of wanting to use them).

The first two are quote collections, Quote Cache and Brainy Quote. I’m a sucker for a good quote and it’s nice to be able to search for them on topic. I know I have books of them, but because these are on the computer I don’t have to get up to go looking.

Amanda’s Mnemonics site is perhaps not as large as I’d remembered, but it is cool to have a collection of them in one place.

The Internet Book List is the beginnings of a searchable catalogue of books. Still early days yet and less interesting than I remembered, but basically I’m including all links in my Education/Homeschooling bookmark folder.

I left the best for last. I love the NOVA documentaries that I’ve seen (the only one I’ve seen all the way through is the Roman Bath one… go to history, then Secrets of Lost Empires, Roman Bath). Some have been on SBS (I think), although I usually only realise by accident. This is their website. They have all sorts of info about the actual documentaries as well as activities and articles related to it. Very cool indeed:-)

That’s enough for now.

Later I’ll focus more specifically on homeschooling, although, I lack a lot of links I thought I had. I suspect I did the searching so long ago that they are bookmarked in another piece of software on another machine. I may have to re-investigate in fact. But perhaps it’s ok to start in the middle and work back:-)


I had this great idea… I had been thinking that I should start sending Pad some informative URLs about homeschooling. I had decided a few years ago that it was how I wanted to educate my children. I am fortunate that Pad is willing to try this–but obviously I have been reading up on it for some time and have begun to plan in certain ways. He doesn’t have the same background or information.

So, I thought that I could go back over my bookmark list, and annotate the visits (in particular to sites I still find informative/interesting) like Cupidsbow did recently with her slash wanderings. It would also mean that I would revisit those sites I bookmarked and check that 1) they are still active, and 2) that they are still of interest. I have been investigating for some time, and my ideas have been gradually becoming somewhat more refined. By listing them here, I can (hopefully) more easily find specific sites, and Pad can start to read up a bit on the topic.

I headed on to my education links (which are mostly homeschooling of one stripe or another, rather than related to my secondary teaching) only to discover that of the first ten links, two were broken, and seven of the remainder are things which are no longer of interest. It’s probably no bad thing as it means a significant winnowing of my bookmarks, which should make it easier to find the things that are _really_ worth while.

Actually, I’m thinking I won’t annotate any in this post. I’ll do some sorting of bookmarks, then post again on a particular topic including links. That way the titles will reflect the content somewhat, making them even _easier_ to follow…

That’s the theory, at any rate.

Still here…

Although, it may not seem much like it. I have been doing a lot of blogging in the last couple of days–just not here. I have set up the Must See Movies and Bookclub blogs. All because Third Monkey asked a question…

More reading. Mostly, people (including me) didn’t really enjoy ‘Mary Poppins’. It apparently works as a read-aloud to a four-year-old… so we may try it again when Puggle is a bit older. Reading a book on editing that is quite informative. Still going with ‘The Well-Trained Mind’ and ‘Anne’. I have the first for one more week, and need to complete the copywork selection by the end of August. My problem is that I am too easily distracted:-(

I have started playing with making an art game so we can learn about different styles of art/artists etc. Of course, the time would probably be more usefully spent playing with Puggle in his current stage–he’s twelve weeks old (and _terribly_ handsome, blindingly intelligent, wonderfully co-ordinated, not to mention strong and sensitive [without being wimpy!] and I’m not in the _least_ bit biased!) and starting to be really talkative and interactive. He is beginning to be occasionally reliable with grasping things and is smiling lots. He’s no where near ready to start learning about art–he’s still at the focussing on faces stage mostly. I have started to make him a mobile though, just using some coathangers, paper, paperclips and fishing line that we have around the place. Still not sure how I am going to put it up… (this one is for above his change table). I also want to do one for above the cot, but I will probably wait until I’ve worked out the mounting mechanism for the first one. There is more room to experiment around the change table:-)