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Archive for December, 2005

Garden photos

I’ve gone through and added some photos to the blog… basically of the garden. If you’re interested, they’re in October onwards.

Jam Tarts

Callistra asked about this recipe today, and I couldn’t find it. Now I have, so here it is:-)

225 grams unsalted butter
100 grams caster sugar
280 grams plain flour
vanilla extract (optional)
1 pinch salt
1 jar good quality jam

Preheat the oven to 180˚C. Place butter, sugar, flour, salt and vanilla (if using) in a food processor and mix well until a dough forms (or beat together by hand).
Divide the dough among 24 ungreased little tart tins, or trays of shallow tarts (or individual foil muffin patty pans if you are planning to freeze them). At this point they can be frozen for using at a later time.
Place teaspoonfulls into the centre of each tart.
Bake for about 20 minutes or until the pastry is golden.
Allow to cool before gently removing them from their tins (cooling a little is important so that your fingers don’t get burnt).
They are best eaten on the day they are baked.

Carol with a twist…

I really like Irregular Webcomic🙂

In case you want to keep track of Santa:-)

Here is NORAD’s Santa Tracking site. They’ve been doing it for 50 years!

Check out the info on how they do it. There are apparently cameras they use only once a year…


Tis the season to be scared witless.

Check out numbers 2, 7, 9, 11, 15 and 24!

(Sorry if this appears more than once on flists… I’m learning to use a trackpad and it’s occasionally excessively sensitive!)

The Riddle Song

Listen to a midi version here.

I gave my love a cherry
That had no stone
I gave my love a chicken
That had no bone
I told my love a story
That had no end
I gave my love a baby
With no crying.

How can there be a cherry
That has no stone?
And how can there be a chicken
That has no bone?
And how can there be a story
That has no end?
And how can there be a baby
With no crying?

A cherry when it’s blooming
It has no stone
A chicken when it’s piping
It has no bone
The story that I love you
It has no end
A baby when it’s sleeping
It’s no crying.