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The Genial Hearth
I’ve just put the kettle on, join me for a cuppa and a chat.

Pancakes cooked

So, eight batches was probably about right.

Except I forgot to allow for the dairy free folk, so there was another batch made.

And someone needed an everything free batch (dairy and egg, not wheat—although for everything free that would have been appropriate).

And we have about a batch and a half left.

So if I’d made just the six as I started, we would have been right. Actually, I could probably have done more of the self raising flour (maybe done four of that, but only two of the plain flour).

The toppings were great, the company pleasant. It was rather warm in the kitchen though, but it was far less stressful cooking the pancakes when all you had to do was pour them out of the bottle. All the cleaning up from preparation was already done and so it was very easy.

A good evening.


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