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Archive for July, 2006


Sorry to those of you who read this via the LJ feed! I have no idea why it decided to spit out 7 old posts in addition to today’s new one!

Pre-school Maths

Elizabeth at Real Learning has this post on Number Fun. I really need to get back to doing my 15 minutes a day of Montessori Materials Making:-) She has an earlier post on Language arts, as well as one on arts and crafts. Lots of ideas in these:-)

The Shape of a Mother

This site is quite an interesting idea:-)

The Girl I Left Behind Me

Listen to a midi version here.

I’m lonesome since I crossed the hill,
And o’er the moorland sedgy
Such heavy thoughts my heart do fill,
Since parting with my Betsey
I seek for one as fair and gay,
But find none to remind me
How sweet the hours I passed away,
With the girl I left behind me.

O ne’er shall I foget the night,
the stars were bright above me
And gently lent their silv’ry light
when first she vowed to love me
But now I’m bound to Brighton camp
kind heaven then pray guide me
And send me safely back again,
to the girl I left behind me

Her golden hair in ringlets fair,
her eyes like diamonds shining
Her slender waist, her heavenly face,
that leaves my heart still pining
Ye gods above oh hear my prayer
to my beauteous fair to find me
And send me safely back again,
to the girl I left behind me

The bee shall honey taste no more,
the dove become a ranger
The falling waters cease to roar,
ere I shall seek to change her
The vows we made to heav’n above
shall ever cheer and bind me
In constancy to her I love,
the girl I left behind me.