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The Genial Hearth
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Advent Preparation

Advent approaches. I’m already one step ahead of last year in that I remembered that Advent Calendars start at the start of the month!

This year, I’ve actually gone through my boxes of picture books to pull out all the Christmas themed ones—and have found the ones that I lost last year! This means I’ve had a chance to read them before choosing which books to include, so they won’t be longer than Puggle’s attention span—a definite improvement!

I’m still not certain what all the activities will be. There are a couple of extra days (we’re not making stars again this year—although, I wouldn’t mind doing some other ‘major’ decoration), but I now have all the Christmas books in one place, so there are more of them… and I’ve even got organised enough to request some from the library—and some of them are in already! So we’ll have a plethora of books to choose from. Really, I’m figuring that as long as the first week is sorted, I’ll have time to sort out the rest of the month after that (and depending on what Dawn talks about doing, I may change my mind in any case!)

Then, as long as I make sure to check the future week’s plans before I finish the shopping list (and the pantry—making sure that there’s stuff in the bottles!), we’ll be okay.

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