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Montessori Monday—Moveable Alphabet

Moveable AlphabetI made these ages ago, about the same time I made the Sandpaper Letters. I used the same font/size for the letters for both. For the Moveable Alphabet though, I arranged the letters on three pages to print out (one for the vowels, two for the consonants). I then printed the vowels onto blue paper and the consonants onto red. (I decided to just use paper rather than stiff card, as they’re unlikely to be used by a large number of children, and it is quite easy to make replacements if some start to look a bit tatty). I chose to do twenty of each vowel, and eight of the consonants. Then there was much cutting out!
The final stage was making the trays. In the end I used the lids of two shoe boxes, and made dividers. That took a bit of fiddling to ensure sufficient room for each letter. Once they were in place, I glued one of each letter into the bottom of its space, so that there would be no difficulty in putting them away.

It was a once again a fairly straightforward project… there was a lot of cutting out, but that was a fairly mindless (and portable!) task, which made it quite easy to get through.

Information about how to use it can be found here and here.


  jarmie wrote @ November 9th, 2010 at 12:00 am

hi! i came across your blog when I searched moveable alphabet. i’m planning to make my own version too, but to be used only by my son. did you just print them on an ordinary paper? or on a much thicker one?

you did a good job with the cutting! did you do this using scissors only? it looks perfect! i can’t imagine cutting all these letters by myself.

  Fe wrote @ November 9th, 2010 at 8:55 pm

I did print them on ordinary paper—I figured if they got too damaged, I could always cut more (and with only a couple of kids, they wouldn’t get _too_ much use:-) ). I cut most myself, and a friend cut some as well. They’re actually not as perfect as they might appear:-) The distance is helpful:-)

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