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Archive for August, 2009

Food Post Friday

Friday: Bacon and Eggs (and tomato, mushrooms and toast)
Saturday: Gyoza and Chicken Kuwayaki
Sunday: Roast Pork with Apple and Apricot Risotto (because last week I somehow failed to get the meat:-( )
Monday: From the freezer (dhal, most likely)
Tuesday: Thai Green Fish Curry
Wednesday: with Grandma and Grandad.
Thursday: Chorizo and Black Bean Soup

Food Post Friday

Friday: Nachos
Saturday: Chickpea Tagine with Figs (amazingly, I think it’s actually entirely everyone friendly! I’ll make it without tins, it is meat, gluten, capsicum free… and there’s currently no-one who can’t eat onion? Score!)
Sunday: Pork Roast with Apple and Apricot Risotto
Monday: MooRoo Bolognaise (from the freezer—we’ll think of you Dipi when we eat it, enjoying your new bub:-) )
Tuesday: Beef Sausages with Lentil Stew
Wednesday: With Grandma and Grandad
Thursday: Pumpkin Soup with Bread

Five and Standing and Mixing Colours!

So yesterday, I sent Bilby to go and get three nappies to put in the nappy bag before we headed out. She came back to put them in, but told me she could only find two. I asked to see them and there were actually two! I quizzed her on a couple of other numbers, and she knows her numbers up to five… and most of her shapes (although, she hasn’t picked up ‘quadrilateral’ from Puggle’s maths:-) That got him a few raised eyebrows the other night at dinner:-) ). She has also apparently got most of her colours sorted—all except for black and brown, which Puggle still confuses…

Cygnet has decided in the last day or so that he’s ready to try standing! He’ll randomly let go of things, and although at first he sat pretty much immediately, now he’s letting go and grabbing hold again:-) Then he gets a look of such delight:-) Of course, it usually earns applause from his siblings, which requires even more grins:-)

Puggle has been colouring in and painting. He’s getting much better at staying between the lines. Today, he decided to use the watercolours to paint his History pictures, so I had a delightfully rendered Spartan Warrior—with carefully mixed purple (‘that’s the colour they get from snail shells’), after he collected the colour wheel to help him with his proportions (they are quite fond of the purples, so they’ve used up all that was on the tray:-) )

Multiple Intelligences

Via Baby_elvis comes this Multiple Intelligences test

Linguistic    38
Mathematics    25
Visual/Spatial    30
Body/Kinesthetic    27
Naturalistic    25
Music    38
Interpersonal    29
Intrapersonal    21

I was surprised to see where I peaked…  Well, about the music, anyway… I thought in the past I’d tended to be fairly evenly Linguistic, Visual/Spatial and Body/Kinesthetic

This Week

Our plans for
Week 5, Block 6, Dorothea Term (Break Week)

With the end of this term, I had planned that Puggle would have finished a couple of books, so we can move on to something else… we’re not quite there, so we’ll read a couple more Aesop’s Fables over the week, and another chapter of The Orchard Book of Roman Myths.

He’s also (I think?) at a bit of a cusp with his maths work, so we’ll do a couple of lessons (probably Tuesday and Thursday) just to keep it in his mind. For the same reason, I’ll get him to read something each day.

He has already said he still wants his boxes, even though it’s Break Week! (My task for Break Week is going to be to get the ‘structural’ aspects of his boxes set up. I still need to laminate his numbers, and then attach all the velcro dots.)


Week 4, Block 6, Dorothea Term

This has been a bit of a mixed week. Puggle’s done his boxes most days… but Bilby has missed Mat Time most days. Puggle has experimented with clay—and interesting progression from his beeswax work.

His reading is coming along in leaps and bounds. This week he was reading some of the Edward Lear limericks he’s only heard once. I can ask him to tell me things from recipes (although, I generally need to tell him where to look if I need the answer quickly!) He’s choosing to read a lot more often.

He’s making use of his timer (and I’ve got times listed for the first 4 things) so once he actually starts, he progresses through them quite steadily.

Twa Corbies

There’s some history here, and an .mp3 here.

As I was walking all alane,
I heard twa corbies making a mane;
The tane unto the t’other say,
‘Where sall we gang and dine to-day,
Where sall we gang and dine to-day?’

‘In behint yon auld fail dyke,
I wot there lies a new slain knight;
And naebody kens that he lies there,
But his hawk, his honnd, and lady fair,
His hawk, his honnd, and lady fair.

‘His hound is to the hunting gane,
His hawk to fetch the wild-fowl hame,
His lady ‘a ta’en another mate,
So we may mak our dinner sweet,
We may mak our dinner sweet.

‘Ye’ll sit on his white hause-bane,
And I’ll pike out his bonny blue een;
Wi ae lock o his gowden hair
We’ll theek our nest when it grows bare,
We’ll theek our nest when it grows bare.’

‘Mony a one for him makes mane,
But nane sall ken where he is gane;
Oer his white banes, when they are bare,
The wind sail blaw for evennair,
The wind sail blaw for evennair.’