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Target for Hats!

I’m currently gearing up for the new school year… that’s pretty much occupying all my computer related time… But I’m hoping next week to return to more regular blogging—I miss it!

But, just because I had the same issue last year, it’s Target for hats (because I’m trying to avoid excessive branding, and I want hats with decent brims). But hats bought, socks bought, that’s all I’m doing for a schuletute this year:-)

Reveille or Rousse

I’ve been assembling a collection of ANZAC Day resources, and discovered a number of things. I wanted to note here, that what we (in Commonwealth countries) know as Reveille is not the same as folks in the US… But then again, what we know as Reveille, might actually be Rouse. You can check it out by comparing what you’re listening to, to the music here!

2010, I resolve…

I’m sticking quite close to the resolutions of the past couple of years. They haven’t been resounding successes (probably because they’re not SMART:-) ), but I am still referencing them.

So, in 2010, I plan to Make More Music, and Play More Games. In some ways, these both get easier as the kids get older:-)

I plan to add Make More (interesting) Bread. (I do a couple of loaves a week, but they’re a pretty standard loaf. I have a few specialist loaves I’ve been meaning to experiment with, so i reckon one every couple of months would be a good effort. Turkish Bread, Ciabatta, Naan, Pita… I have a feeling there was another I was considering [Paddington has suggested Parathas:-) ]. Basically though, if I can master the first two, I’ll count it as a successful year:-) )

I need to Drink More Water, and I really do need to do something to get more fit (hmm… I didn’t even deign to capitalise that… that says a lot!)

I’m hoping to start reading (well, if we’re doing Don Quixote, I’ll be listening!) through some Great Books with another Home Schooling mum:-) We’ve been talking about it… but maybe it’s a good time to start:-)

That’s quite a bit! So a good place to stop:-)

Useful Clipart

I’ve been doing a lot of sheets lately, for which I’ve wanted outline images (we’re doing fruits and vegetables for French at the moment). This site has been really great! Most things have had multiple images, so I can choose based on which is most appealling:-)

I like to use outline shapes partly because we have a black and white printer, so colours are a bit of a waste (and the print in greys, which can be a bit distracting), but also Puggle (and to a lesser extent, Bilby) has hit a stage of wanting to colour, so it’s useful for that.

The World at a Glance!

Need maps? Continent level or country level? Want country borders, or not? Want names included, or space left for them to be filled in?

I do not want to lose track of this site! I saw a link to it on one of my mailing lists, and I can see that it will be very useful in our Geography efforts next year!

Planning for 2009

General stuff:-)
This probably seems like a fairly full on year, for what is essentially Puggle’s pre-school year (most of this is for Puggle, although I do have some plans for Bilby included). My plan though, is that we’ll start with this, and it will take as long as it takes. We’ll stick with the three term year, each being made up of three blocks of 4 weeks on, one week break (plus the Christmas block/term).

Language (Including Memorisation and Copywork)
For Puggle, I’m planning a second run through The Writing Road to Reading, actually beginning to focus on writing the letters. I’ll combine this with the sandpaper letter/phonograms, but he seems fairly interested in writing at the moment. This (and his name) will probably be all the copywork we do for the year. I anticipate using a timer (for somewhere in the order of three to five minutes), because he’s very keen on quantity—and in copywork time I’ll be more interested in quality:-) I’m hoping the second run will sort out the phonemes he hasn’t really grasped. We still have the Fitzroy readers, and I anticipate them being used fairly regularly:-)
We’ll be reading Complete Nonsense Poems by Edward Lear, and this year, I’ll be trying to encourage Puggle more in the direction of memorisation. We’ll be focussing on the same piece for a fortnight, which may help:-)
We’ll continue with the Latin nursery rhymes, but this year we are going to begin Song School Latin. It includes a number of songs, and some day-to-day phrases, so I’m not going to worry so much about using my own:-) We will attempt to continue with the French comptines, and I suspect that Puggle will listen in with Bilby’s French:-)
Over the year, we’ll be reading from The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki, The Orchard Book of Roman Myths by Geraldine McCaughrean and Egyptian Myths by Jacqueline Morley.
Bilby isn’t at quite the same stage as Puggle was two years ago (she’s effectively 6 months younger), so I don’t think she’s ready for everything I did with him:-) We’ll still do the Nursery Rhymes, and read the poems from A Child’s Garden of Verses.
She’ll join us in the Latin and French nursery rhymes, but this year, we’re going to try reading a number of (generally familiar) picturebooks in French:-) La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous, Devine Combien Je t’Aime and Ours Brun, Dis-Moi for starters:-)

We’ve finally made the decision to go with RightStart. It’s a very hands on programme, which should appeal to Puggle (basically I think the manipulatives approach is a good idea for the early stages of maths).

English Studies (including Narration)
We’ll continue the Aesop’s Fables for Children with Puggle, and later in the year we’ll begin Fifty Famous Stories Retold. These will be where we begin paying attention to Narration. I might actually try some with him this year:-) We’ll also be reading The House At Pooh Corner, The Muddle-headed Wombat and The Loaded Dog, along with the Orange, Green and Brown Fairy Books. I plan to try Bilby out with Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales and the Blue, Red and Yellow Fairy Books, but these are where I think we’ll probably skip bits.
Obviously, we’ll be including other read-alouds as they occur to us, but they will include The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio, Doctor Doolittle, The Favorite Uncle Remus and The Wind in the Willows.

Health and Phys. Ed
We’re continuing with Waterbabies (swimming) this year:-) Or at least we’ll continue with Puggle for now. His class will probably collapse soon (they only take them until they are five), so then we’ll be looking at other swimming classes.

History and Geography
I’m looking forward to this a lot:-) We’re going to begin The Story of the World: Ancient Times. I’ve ordered the Activity Book as well, so we should be doing lots of stuff—I keep hearing good things about it:-)
We’ll also be reading Geography from A to Z: A Picture Glossary . I figure we’ll do a page or so each week, and I’ll print some colouring in pages for each word.

Unless Puggle has particular things that he wants to immerse himself in, I think we’ll be doing most of our science through the garden:-) I do hope to do Nature Walks more regularly (well, once the weather settles down a little), and I think this would be a good year to start recording the weather, but otherwise we’ll try and do a lot of planting and feeding and watering and seeing what happens. I’ve ordered The Tiny Seed and Une Si Petite Graine (one of the French picturebooks for Bilby:-) ) and I thought they should tie in nicely:-) I might pull out some of the How Things Work and Backyard/Kitchen Science books though, and leave them lying about, in case something appeals:-) (Edited to add: I’m also hoping that Keeping a Nature Journal will help inspire our nature observations!)

Art and Music
I’m going to try and be more regular about having family music nights:-) This year we’ll begin recorder (Bilby as well—because I don’t like my chances of doing it with Puggle and leaving her out:-) ). Our composers this year are Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt and Gustav Mahler/Anton Bruckner. And of course, we’ll sing:-)

I think I’ll probably repeat my art plans from last year… we didn’t really do much of them, mostly because I ended up putting the stuff away:-( I’m working on keeping art materials in a more accessible way. Our artists this year are Sandro Botticelli, Caspar David Fredrich and Vincent Van Gogh.

Technology and Enterprise
Cooking. By the end of the year, I’d like Puggle to feel confident about preparing one dinner:-) When he’s (quite) a bit more independent in his reading, I thought I might start letting him choose recipes to try:-)

When in Rome…

Well, where in Rome, I guess:-)

Paddington sent me a link to this announcement about the Ancient Rome 3D layer in Google Earth… Lots of possibilities for the future:-)

Mac Stuff

I’m a longtime Mac user… although, I don’t generally do much that is Mac specific.

Recently, there’s been some people talking about scheduling/planning their days with iCal, and Jen posted a tutorial today.

All the discussion reminded me that Paddington had at one point been playing with iCal to schedule iTunes playlists (this was a couple of years ago). I thought I would have another go:-) Late last night I remembered this plan. Sadly, it was too late in the evening for me to function effectively, but I did come across this page (with it’s helpful note at the top—although, sadly the link didn’t work!) I opened up iCal, and got to the point where it would call a script… I just didn’t have any ready (I knew what to write, thanks to that link, I just wasn’t sure where to put them):-(

With fresh eyes, I started today.

In my Applications Folder, I found AppleScript, and there found the I opened that, and simply copied and pasted the examples from that page (although I did rename the playlist so that it would find one in my copy of iTunes:-). I clicked on Compile, and then saved the Script in a folder (that I noted! It defaults to the Document folder, so I made a Scripts folder in that:-) ). I did this for a couple of different playlists.

Then I went back to iCal. I scheduled Mat Time as a recurring event (every day except Friday—Jen gave nice instructions for dealing with iCal:-) ) I set an alarm for it, and as per this page, made it call the script that set it playing the Current Week playlist (for ease, I basically named each script after the playlist it called:-) ).

Of course, I’ve now gone a bit mad and have almost filled some days with automatic music:-) It’s just an experiment… But I’m thinking that having quiet classical music coming on when it’s time to start getting ready for bed will help us all remember to start calming down, and I often forget to turn on music while preparing dinner—until my hands are already covered in food:-( And of course, the current week’s music selections around Mat Time:-)

But in the end, far easier than I expected!

EChO Concert

One of our co-op mums organised for a group outing to one of the Cushion Concerts put on by WASO.
It was fabulous! The kids had a ball (well, it wasn’t the best time of day for Bilby, so she slept for a good deal of it, but she loved the portion for which she was awake!) Puggle has now become a fan of the Can-Can:-) It had a great mix of participation and listening, and the introduction to the instruments has really struck a chord with Puggle:-) He was probably a little bit young to get the most out of the hands-on portion at the end (they were both a bit overwhelmed by the crowds of school kids), but he was rather fascinated by the harp:-)
We made a complete outing of it, by catching the bus and train in, and having a picnic lunch in the Supreme Court Gardens before strolling a bit further to the Perth Concert Hall. Afterwards, we returned to the Supreme Court Gardens with some of our friends, so that the kids could run a bit before we bussed and trained home again.
We’ll be going again:-)

More Car seats—Fitting

So I don’t lose the links!

This is information about Type 2 car seat fitters (where modifications to the car are necessary), scroll to the last page. I’ve been told that TL engineering have the broadest experience, although I couldn’t find any information from their page—they were helpful on the phone though!
This is a list of Type 1 car seat fitters (putting the actual seats in correctly).
This is a company that do seatbelt repairs and replacements (and they stock seatbelt extenders… I’m thinking that will make it easier for Puggle to do up his own seatbelt).


It’s the wrong season for us, but I’ve been getting inspired by some recent soup posts. First of all, Susan talks about her plans for Lent, with Soup Week (and some more recipes here—more to come!) I like this idea a lot (and some of the recipes so far!) and am really tempted to try it in some form this winter:-)

Then, Barbara describes her Soup Night efforts, which sound like a great way to entertain:-)

And then Suzanne is hosting the Loveliness of Soups Carnival. Don’t forget to check out the comments for even more recipes!

I am thinking this winter will be filled with soups:-)

Coloured Sand?

I have a project in mind, and I have everything necessary—except coloured sand. I’m not sure how to go about making it, or where I might find it. (To be fussy, I need pink, brown, green, red, yellow and orange sand—properly white too, for preference!) I could possibly use food colouring (and my mum has offered me powdered colours, which may be more effective), or I guess poster paint mixed with sand? My concern about these is that the colour may come off on Puggle’s hands.

Any ideas? Now that I have the other bits, I’d rather like to get onto this soon.

Planning for 2008

General stuff:-)
As I was happy with the structure of our year in 2007, we’ll stick with the same thing in 2008. I have made a decision about the term names. This year we’ll have Boronia, Dorothea and Edith terms. They’re two great-grandmothers and one great-great-grandmother, covering three of the four branches of our family tree. We’ll start the week beginning January 13th. I have plans for a Cornucopia (as I believe they do in Germany at the start of the school year) containing coloured pencils, some new glue and scissors, more sticky tape, counters, and any other bits of stationery type things I think of to include.

Language (Including Memorisation and Copywork)
I have definite plans in this area, but I’m hoping to be able to keep a grip on myself! I’m planning to begin using Writing Road to Reading this year. I’m not necessarily thinking that we’ll use it as written, but I thought I would use their order to work through the phonograms, and aim to introduce them all this year… but mostly it will act as a resource for me—so I can look things up if I don’t know why phonograms make their sound (there were a surprising number I didn’t know when I read it a year or so ago!) As Puggle reaches the appropriate stages, I’m planning to be ready with I Spy, Moveable Alphabet, Object Boxes, Action Cards, and Reading Folders—the first two should be fairly immediate, the others I’ll work on making, so they’ll be ready when he is up to them. (I’m not going to link to all of the specific materials… I have posts planned when they’re made, or if you’re desperate to know (!) ask me in the comments:-) )
Otherwise, we’ll continue with Latin Nursery Rhymes (I have enough for two per Block!) and I’m going to add in some everyday Latin phrases (look, careful, listen, sit up etc.). We’ll start doing the same for French, so a nursery rhyme per fortnight, and everyday French phrases (I still need to sort out which comptines we’ll use).
For Memorisation, we’ll be using When We Were Very Young, by A. A. Milne. We’ll basically read and repeat a poem a week, and I’d like to pick one of the four (actually, I think it’s five per Block) to work on memorising. There are sufficient short ones that it should be possible from the start of the year.
We’ll begin Copywork properly this year. I’ll re-introduce the sandpaper letters when we do that phonogram, and I’ll also provide a Sand Tray for practice (still need to finish that). I also need to complete our ‘Metal’ Insets, which he can practice with. For these, he’ll use the ‘Lyra’ coloured pencils which are thick, triangular ones. Hopefully this will assist Puggle’s proper writing grip.

I’m basically intending a fairly Montessori style approach. I have a number of started Sensorial materials, (Pink Tower, Broad Stair, Square of Pythagoras), some completed (Red Rods, Geometric Solids—a Christmas gift, but still, ready to use), and plans to make some others Geometric Cabinet, Constructive Triangles, Binomial Cube, Trinomial Cube and Geometric Cards. I am similarly in progress with Maths materials, some complete (Number Rods, Sandpaper Numbers, Number Tablets and Number Cards), some almost complete (Spindle Box), and plans to make some of the rest.
My plan is to prepare the materials, present them as he seems ready, but just leave him to work with them as he sees fit. Obviously well also be talking about numbers as a normal part of our day (cooking, measuring and various number related books we read).
I also figured that my resolution to play more games can’t but help with maths:-)

English Studies
We’ll be reading all year from The Aesop for Children illustrated by Milo Winter. These are quite brief re-tellings, and this is the main place I’ll be working on developing Narration. I am hoping that we’ve both kind of got a grasp on it by the end of the year:-)
We’ll also be reading a selection of stories over the year from The Lilac Fairy Book, The Pink Fairy Book, The Violet Fairy Book and The Olive Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. As a family read-aloud (so, not necessarily in Mat Time, and quite possibly starting to be some before bed reading—depending on the story!) we’ll be reading selections from Complete Illustrated Stories by Hans Christian Anderson for the first part of the year, and all of Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne for the last term (Edith Term:-) ) Essentially that will break down to three fables, one Fairy Book story, and one Family Read-Aloud selection a week—which I think should be do-able. I may in fact not do all the fables, but rather choose between them at the time. Certainly I doubt that we’ll be narrating more than one!

Health and Phys. Ed
We’re continuing with our weekly swimming lessons. I thought I might try introducing some yoga (through cards that he can do himself, once I’ve shown them to him). We’re working on making the ‘back’yard more contained, and we’re digging a hole for the trampoline. When he’s out there he rarely stops moving:-) I would also like to work (again!) on establishing regular Nature Walks.
(At his age I’m not seriously planning things here… But in the future I’ll need to consider this Learning Area, so I’m noting it now.)

History and Geography
We’re basically going to stick with geography for now. Puggle is really aware of maps, so we’ll make use of the Picture Atlas we have, and he got a pretty good world map puzzle for Christmas. I have plans to make a few more, plus some land and water forms (more of those Montessori materials!) We also plan to acquire a globe.

I intend (once again!) to work on including a weekly Nature walk. I’m not going to worry too much about it until the weather gets more pleasant (so, not until at least March), as I figure it’s one thing to maintain a habit when the weather drops off… but it’s much harder to establish it. We will do some more gardening. We’ll also begin observing the weather.
Aside from these, I’ve been working on various ‘Parts of Animal’ cards, and I’ll finish those, and I have plans for some of the Botany Cabinet stuff.

Art and Music
After my library find earlier this year, I was really excited to discover a copy of The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas (a single edition version of the book I’d found, plus its companion volumes) by Fiona Watts in a local shop just before Christmas. It became a family present:-) I’m planning to use this for the practical side of our art curriculum—for some years:-) I’ve decided to stick to a theme per term (at this stage, media), so I’ve pulled all the watercolour and wax crayon/oil pastel ideas out. My plan is to prepare the materials for the activity, and leave that with the book (open to the page) on the sewing cabinet. Hopefully Puggle will have the opportunity to attack the idea multiple times if he chooses. (They’re not really independent things, but it is about the process… and I’m happy to assist or inform when he wants… we’ll see how that goes.)
We’ll continue following the Ambleside Online Artist study schedule, so that means this year will be Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan van Eyck.
When I was at my last school, I was good friends with the music teacher. She was a real Kodály afficienado. She lent me The Kodály Method I: Comprehensive Music Education by Lois Choksy which I read with great interest. (I can’t follow it all yet, but I find it very inspiring.) I’ve since got my own copy so I can read and mull (and work on!), and that’s where my practical music programme is coming from—I was already planning on singing:-) We’ll continue with our Ambleside based Folksong plan, but I’ll be sure to include a range of nursery rhymes as suggested, and make sure that we talk about and experiment with the ten aspects of music that are introduced in the Preschool year plan.
We’re also following the Ambleside Composer study schedule, so Boronia Term we’ll listen to Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Aelexander Borodin and Modest Mussorgsky. Dorothea Term will be George Frederic Handel, and Edith Term we’ll listen to works by Camille Saint-Saens and Hector Berlioz.

Technology and Enterprise
(This is probably my least consisdered area… bizarre given that it’s what I taught! I guess there are a couple of reasons for that. I just don’t think as an eary it’s as important as some of the others, but equally, I’m fairly confident of my ability to wing it for a while… no need to plan at all at this stage. I do have an idea of developing a woodwork curriculum for junior primary homeschooled kids… when we reach that stage, so a little way ahead of me for now:-) )
He got a toolbox for Christmas… so we’ll start some woodwork:-) And of course, more cooking:-)

(I could never be an unschooler! But maybe I should re-read my The Latin-Centered Curriculum… this seems as though it may be a little over the top…)

In the next week before we start, I have quite a bit of sorting still to do:-( Arranging equipment/books so that they’re accessible and making sure that we have all the bits (music, still need Borodin’s Polovtsian Dances, and the French comptines are proving challenging:-( ) we need. I also have a long list of materials I plan to make (or finish) in the first half of this year… I’m going to be quite busy:-)

Progress 2007

I certainly learnt a lot over the last year… I started with good intentions, but in the early part of the year, they rarely moved beyond that. But that was what last year (and this year as well!) was all about. Learning what sort of structures and plans I needed to make things work.
So, what did work?
The blog as a planning/recording tool.
It does make for not necessarily such interesting reading for ‘the world at large’, but I found it a manageable discipline, and very helpful. I found I could generally manage the weekly ‘Progress’ notes (dated on the Saturday, but written at some point over the weekend)—I think there are about half a dozen in the first half of the year that I later filled in very briefly much after the fact, so that there was some sort of record. I found the weekly ‘Plans’ much better to do at the start of each Block, and just post-date them. It made for a lengthy session over one weekend a block, but that meant for the remainder I could work on other preparations.
I like that I can select the ‘This Week’ category, and see what we’ve done for the year. It’s helpful as a reminder now that we’re heading into 2008, and I think it will also be handy when I come to begin with Bilby, in terms of planning our reading.
Mat Time
Although this fell to bits in the Christmas Block (along with pretty much all my non-Advent plans), it was working really well for quite a time. As long as I made the move early enough, and we kept it brief (no more than 20 minutes) and focussed (with plenty of singing… and actually checked that the stories are not too long!) we got quite a bit done. He was even choosing to do some of our letter work in this time, where as I had mostly planned it for the songs/poems/readings. I would have liked to have included picture study and composer study, but logistically, I didn’t get that sorted this year. A separate box/basket with all the books we’re currently using would help me be a bit more organised (they’re on the one shelf, but Puggle ends up carrying them one at a time because they slip if he tries to carry more… he could manage a basket much more easily).
TV School
This was brilliant! Having the words readily accessible made nursing work more easily, and was part of the ‘inspiration’ for Mat Time. We certainly recited the poems much more regularly because they were highly visible—rather than just being in a book. It also helped keep Paddington in the loop of what we were doing, and was a great ‘conversation starter’ (I can see that being helpful down the track with grandparents). I didn’t ever get to printing out copies of our picture for study, but I think that would be a good addition (would help me add that in to Mat Time).
Sewing Cabinet
I haven’t talked about this at all, because I only started using it in this last Block, when I was too busy to blog:-) My sewing cabinet (with machine, overlocker, and space) is in our dining room. Normally it’s a bit of a ‘hot spot’, but when I had all these Christmas crafting activities on the go, I cleared it off and put them out on there. For the most part, it’s out of Bilby’s reach (very important!), within Puggle’s reach, and allows for things to be spread out. It’s also really close to the dining table, where Puggle tends to work now because Bilby can’t reach (unlike his ‘desk’ a table in the corner of the lounge room). If need be, I can plug things in there (like the laminator, for the tree decorations), and Puggle can use it there. I intend to make more consistent use of it in 2008, for craft stuff, but also for some of the other materials we’ll be using.
Alphabet stuff
Not quite as I’d planned (really, not at all!) But by the end of the year he recognises all the letters (I suspect he would have, even if I hadn’t done anything specific), can find most of them on a keyboard (aside from ‘P’… he often has trouble with that!), and can trace the shapes.
The organisation of the year worked (for me, at any rate). Four weeks is enough time to sustain focus on something. Break week was a good opportunity to catch up a bit, although I’d like to make more of an effort to go out and do other stuff in that week. Three Blocks before changing direction also worked well, although wasn’t as obvious as it might have been.
The folksongs generally went well. Putting them on the front of the TV cabinet was a real help, but obviously worked best when I had a real grasp of the tune:-) We tended to be more successful at learning the more pacy songs (although, he is now singing bits of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ after I put it up on New Year’s Eve).
My Planner
I had started the year by putting all my plans in a document, and printing it out. It’s 13 pages, most of them double-sided (2 pages each for a yearly overview, and each of 10 Blocks—the only reason they’re not all double-sided is so that I can look at both parts of each block in a single layout). Putting it all together ahead of time was good. I generally was quite relaxed about adapting it as the year went on (although, I did try not to too much this year, as it was our first year). I didn’t refer to the printed out copy nearly as often as the electronic one… but I think I will still print it out next year.

And what didn’t?
I started quite well, but only in bits. I didn’t really manage to get consistent with this. I’m not overly concerned, Puggle did do quite a bit of cooking, usually in chunks of a couple of days at a time. My main reason for including it was so that I’d be sure to do stuff with him, I wasn’t sure how distracted with Bilby I’d be:-) But she sleeps well, so Puggle and I had time together. As far as the cooking goes, I think it would be more use to simply break down the skills he should master in the next year, and make sure he has a chance to practise them in day-to-day cooking. Much more measuring is definitely a focus for 2008, and cutting—what a shame! He might just have to make lots more Rocky Road🙂
Listening to Music
I was much less consisent with this than in 2006:-( I think I need to develop a better approach to organising my playlists. And to work out how to include it in Mat Time (well, not in Mat Time necessarily, but hang it on that peg).
Artist Study
Again, I was more consistent in 2006. I’m fairly sure that having copies of the pictures on the TV cabinet in addition to the screensaver (which did work, just not as well as previously) will be a big help.
Planned Art
I had tied these in to the letters we were doing… somewhat arbitrarily. We didn’t get to most of them. Partly because I didn’t always remember to look at what the activity needed in advance, and partly because they seemed too random. I am still planning art for next year, but my approach will be a bit different… we’ll see how that goes:-)
Christmas Block
This worked from the perspective of getting ready for Christmas, but I had anticipated continuing some ‘schooling’ (I had planned for a fairly minimal programme… I wasn’t expecting much). As it turned out, that didn’t happen. Mostly that was probably me getting distracted with all the other things I was concerned about doing, and failing to make a point of doing the reading/singing I had planned. We’ll try this again another year before I decide it needs to change.
I think I was just expecting a bit much a bit soon—and wasn’t properly prepared to develop the skill. We’ll go with much shorter texts, and that should help a lot.
Nature Walk
I failed to make this a regular activity. The couple of times we went it was great, but I need to be more particular about including it.
My Planner
I didn’t refer to the printed out copy of the planner nearly as often as the electronic one… but I think I will still print it out next year.

The worked list is longer than the didn’t work list, so I’m happy:-)


Quickly and simply, before I go to sleep!

To play more games! I’ve finally sorted our games stack so it’s possible to actually get a game out without having to remove the whole pile… now I want to make use of them.

I had thought to get back to the piano, but maybe I’ll just make it to make more music—it certainly wouldn’t hurt if I did more violin:-)

To read more ‘serious’ stuff… I didn’t do so well last year, but maybe it’ll take better this year.

To make more ‘art’ (more watercolour with Puggle, more photography).

Oh, and I guess going hand-made for birthdays:-)

More functional ones?
To go to bed earlier (tonight’s not a good start, but New Years never is).

To drink more water.

To de-clutter.

To finish putting books/movies/music into Delicious Library.

I can’t believe it’s 2008!

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