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How To Vote

For those who haven’t seen it elsewhere:-) I found this site really useful when preparing to vote in the upcoming Federal election.

It allows you to view the preferences parties have selected, or make your own personalised How-To-Vote card to take along with you.

Even better, it has links to each party’s website and their wikipedia page (or whatever page can be found for those not in a party). In WA, they covered every group, with the exception of one ungrouped candidate. Took a while to go through each of the links, but it’s a great resource for checking out all those little or similar named parties, to be sure you’re voting for!

Bushfire Relief Gamesfest

From _bigjobbies_ LJ.

“The West Australian Boardgaming Association will hold their next Eurogamesfest get-together at:
Mt Claremont Community Centre – Banksia Room
105 Montgomery Avenue
Mt Claremont
Saturday, February 14th 11am – 6pm
Cost will be $5.00
All entry fees collected will be donated to bushfire relief.
We will also be holding a silent auction of donated games with all monies raised also going to bushfire relief.
Please bring along games that you would like to donate to the auction.
As usual there will also be a door prize, with a selection of games to choose from

Bushfire Relief Fanzine

Forwarded from angriest’s LJ.
“As you are probably aware, this past weekend has seen the worst bushfires in Australian history hit the state of Victoria. At least 125 people have lost their lives, and many more are in a serious or critical condition in hospital. The death toll is expected to exceed 230. More than 750 homes have been destroyed. Over 330,000 hectares of land have been razed to the ground. For more information, you can read the Wikipedia entry ( or the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s news website for more up-to-date info (
Some science fiction fans here in Perth, Western Australia, are arranging a fundraiser barbeque for this coming Saturday, 14 February, for the community to get together and donate money, clothes and canned goods for the disaster relief.
As a part of this event, I am editing a science fiction fanzine titled “Hope”. 100% of the proceeds from this fanzine will go directly to the Victorian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. I am writing to ask if you have any old material (articles, short stories, artwork) that you would to contribute to this fanzine. I will be editing it together this Wednesday (11 Feb) and taking it to the printers on Thursday, so time is fairly short. All contributors will receive a contributor’s copy in the mail. I will also be providing a PDF edition for anyone donating money online who can’t be there on the day.
Obviously all rights to your material stay with you, and I will be taking the PDF edition out of circulation on Monday 2 March.
I am casting the net far and wide for this fanzine – if you know anybody who might be interested in contributing to this zine, please forward my message onto them. Contributions can be e-mailed to me here at:”