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“I’ll have to practice my handstands, before I’ll be able to do my ram-jumping.”


Welcome back!

It’s been a long time between drinks, as it were, but I’m back online again—ready to celebrate.”>IMG_2565.JPG

This is the fruit (and some spices) that have been steeping in vodka to produce the spice infusion for this traditional Swedish Christmas drink. Of course the relative conditions are hardly typical of Sweden, so instead of warming red wine with sugar and adding this, I’m going to add a little maple syrup to the spice mix, and use as a cordial with chilled sparkling Shiraz:-)

God Jul! Shona Nollaig! Merry Christmas!

Pancakes (Again:-) )

So, Tuesday is Pancake Day. In spite of the late notice, we <em>are</em> planning the usual gathering. The deal is the same as always. We’ll have a mass off pancake batter (let me know if you’re planning on coming, so I can mix the right sort of quantity, and if you have any allergies), and you’ll bring something for the top, and your drinks (bring enough topping for the people you bring—and if you choose to bring more than one sort of topping, it’d be great if one of them was savoury!)

Come by anytime from about 5.30, I’ll have the batter ready, and we can start cooking straight away:-)

“I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

I have been driving past this sign for at least two months… I’m not surprised it hasn’t sold! (You may need to click on the photo to see what I mean.)

Car for Sale

Now that we have the new car sorted (yay!), I need to sell my old one… just in case there’s anyone who might be interested, here are the details.

1993 Toyota Corolla Seca Hatchback, white. Manual (5 speed). Air conditioning, power steering, tinted. Manual included. 227,500kms. It’s registered until June next year. Very reliable. $3800 ono.

Comment if it might suit.


Who knew?!

The things you find on the web.

California has The Vampire Slayer Act of 2006! So cool:-)

Craft Sunday (St Patrick’s Day)

I’m planning to craft on the 16th, from about 1.30 onwards. Feel free to come and join us. I’m planning to have made some cool rolls I’ve come across in honour of St Patrick’s Day, and I thought we might sit out on the patio to craft for a change (assuming the weather is as pleasant as last year!)

If you felt like bringing along music/music making that would also be good:-)

Any questions, you should ring, or find an email address for Paddington, as I am out of email contact for now (actually, if it’s not urgent, you can email me at <>—I’ll try and remember to check it:-) ).

The Beowulf Pitch

I hadn’t actually heard that ‘Beowulf’ was being made into a movie until this last week sometime. And here it is, about to be released:-) Steph included a link to a pitch scenario that I thought might amuse some of you:-)

For those on LJ

Dalekboy has set up an LJ feed for this blog. It seems to truncate the posts, which I think is kind of good:-) Means you’ll all have to come over here if you want to post any comments:-)

If you do sign up, can you give me a hoy? The feed setup only lets you see the number of followers, not who they are—and it’s nice to know who’s reading:-)

So now you folk on LJ have another option:-)


I know that I had a number of readers who followed the blog via an LJ feed. I can’t set that up for you and it does make comments a challenge (they disappear after a short space, and I don’t always realise people have commented:-( ). But I know that many of you don’t use a separate feedreader either.

Then I remembered that I’ve seen blogs with email subscriptions! And I thought “I can do that!” So I have.

You can find the link in the right hand sidebar, towards the bottom (just after the Picture Study). You can also choose to subscribe to the comments.

Hope this helps:-) I haven’t used this before, so it’s a bit of an experiment for me:-)


I’ve always been fascinated by names. Naming our children was a time-consuming process. I’ve been reading the Baby Name Wizard blog for a while, and she included the link to this, which looks really interesting. I typed in our children’s names, and a couple that we were debating, and it came out with quite a number of others that we were also considering—plus others. Very cool!

You Can’t Stop the Murders">You Can’t Stop the Murders

Just bizarre!

I Wish I Were Feeling Creative!

I’ve been reading Ree’s blog for a couple of months. I love her photos, and she writes amusingly. She’s having a competition for her first blogaversary, and I thought that some folk I know might have some interesting captions—and would probably enjoy her photos too:-) (It closes around 10am our time.)

If only they’d studied!

Actually, I’m kind of glad they didn’t! I particularly liked the elephant, the one below Batman, and the last one!

(From Cirocco Jones.)

I really should clean out my car!

After seeing this!

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